1. Golden Hour 
    - A short edit I threw together in an hour one Thursday evening. 


  2. Does what it says on the tin. SO MUCH FEELS

    (Source: Spotify)


  3. Shot this for Agilic Ltd. TiddlyBot is a simple little funbot with some amazing features. It draws, follow lines, and helps with the learning of technology.


  4. Strooder, First Truly Consumer 3D Printing Filament Extruder

    Shot this for OmniDynamics! 


  5. Stephen Townhill at Pilton Skatepark


  6. The White City Shakers - Home is Where the Heart is

    The White City Shakers - Home Is Where The Heart Is

    Music Credits:

    Guitar / Vocals: P. Cunningham
    Banjo: S. Mullins
    Double Bass: J. Rench
    Fiddle: J. Spurgeon
    Harmonica: P. Isom
    Washboard: A. Plummer
    Snare: M. Sidwick
    Bass Drum: C. Large

    Video Credits:

    Produced & Directed by: Lewis Jelley (http://www.lewisjelley.com)
    Cinematographer: Lewis Jelley
    Camera Operator: Sam Williams
    Aerial Camera Operator: Matt Pidala
    Editor: Lewis Jelley


  7. The White City Shakers - Home Is Where The Heart Is


  8. Photos taken with Vintage Russian Glass


  9. Some photos I wasn’t quite so happy with from yesterday, mostly because shooting, even on one point auto, at 17mm f4L with the 5Dmk2 is a pain in the arse. 


  10. Tylar Mcaffrey - fs Nosegrind - Midsomer Norton