1. Screenshot from the Confectionery video which I’ve finally had time to cut today! 


  2. Took at few snaps last weekend at my mate’s birthday skate! 



  4. Took a few photos for Sweeney Todd Barbers MSN today! Check them out! 


  5. Shot a music video for Confectionery yesterday, here’s a very briefly colour corrected still! Check them out! 


  6. Golden Hour 
    - A short edit I threw together in an hour one Thursday evening. 


  7. Does what it says on the tin. SO MUCH FEELS

    (Source: Spotify)


  8. Shot this for Agilic Ltd. TiddlyBot is a simple little funbot with some amazing features. It draws, follow lines, and helps with the learning of technology.


  9. Strooder, First Truly Consumer 3D Printing Filament Extruder

    Shot this for OmniDynamics! 


  10. Stephen Townhill at Pilton Skatepark